The 22nd Annual PBA

Thursday September 19, 2019

Game Time 7:00

Noshing Commences @ 6:15 PM
Small Plates & Finger Foods.   Extra Finger Foods, Appetizers, & Desserts will be appreciated!  It's for Charity!
Hosted by Jeanne Baseman
& Chris Wang



Rodef Shalom - Oakland

Click Here for Map


Proceeds Benefit Pitcairn Camp G ~
a non-profit allowing young girls ages 7 to 17 to attend a one-week summer camp.

Contributions of Finger Foods, Appetizers, or Desserts are appreciated! 

Please Coordinate
Food with
June Threlkeld
Ruthie Neafach
Pick a Pro: $34 Donation (Paid by the AM) See the list, below.

Or, play with whomever you wish: $34 Donation /pair*  

Additional Cash Donations Welcomed & Encouraged!
Call Jeanne Baseman: 412-889-2538 to get hooked up!
Or email:
Players in RED are Available. 
Players in BLUE are Taken.
Masterpoints may not be totally updated!
TA118,474Reanette FrobouckPittsburgh
TA213,966Gail CarnsTrafford
TA39,987Asim UlkeMonroeville
TA49,952Jan AssiniPittsburgh
TA59,572Mary Paulone CarnsTrafford
TA68,352Judy HaffnerPittsburgh
TA77,798Arlene PortPittsburgh
TA87,581Jane MarshallPittsburgh
TA97,497Kenneth BergmanWexford
TA107,153Constance HoechstetterMoon Township
TA117,017Robert QuinlanPittsburgh
TA126,478Harold HaffnerPittsburgh
TA135,950Frank CymermanPittsburgh
TA145,646William HoltSewickley
TA154,756Barbara BelardiPittsburgh
TA164,657Ronald FranckPittsburgh
TA174,534Paul CaplanWhite Oak
TA184,304Patricia CunkelmanBlairsville
TA194,140Catherine CaplanWhite Oak
TA204,132Padmanabha PrabhuMonroeville
TA214,078Donald AverbachPittsburgh
TA223,725Trudy CohnPittsburgh
TA233,655Richard FinbergPittsburgh
TA243,568Ernie RetetagosPittsburgh
TA253,477David FrohlichPittsburgh
TA263,009Craig BiddlePittsburgh
TA272,892Marcella RetetagosPittsburgh
TA282,826Janice PhillipsGibsonia
TA292,801Ronald SainIndiana
TA302,769Philip GouldingWexford
TA312,697Leroy Hackenberg IIPittsburgh
TA322,568Karen Ricker
TA332,474Jenny JanitorMonroeville
TA342,405Robert ZimmermannPittsburgh
TA352,361Christopher WangPittsburgh
TA362,348Kenneth EichlerMurrysville
TA372,261James QuigleyPittsburgh
TA382,135Martin KumerMonroeville
TA392,059Russell SheldonPittsburgh
AV401,964Frances PrusPittsburgh
TA411,964Thomas Jolly JrPittsburgh
TA421,893Sandra BrandPittsburgh
TA431,830Paula RubinPittsburgh
AV441,826Carol BerkmanPittsburgh
TA451,792Marilyn BurkePittsburgh
TA461,774Annemarie GordonSewickley
TA471,767Marjorie MazerPittsburgh
TA481,727David KozloffPittsburgh
TA491,705Alan ColkerPittsburgh
TA501,677Carol BolenAllison Park
TA511,649Steven NolanPittsburgh
TA521,648Lynne ColkerPittsburgh
TA531,639Susan DillonPittsburgh
TA541,628Sue GolierPittsburgh
TA551,627Gerald MarcovskyPittsburgh
TA561,552Peter HowellPittsburgh
TA571,465Patricia AndersWexford
TA581,449Lorraine HannaGibsonia
TA591,352Alan LeaverMars
TA601,202Bruce BrennanPittsburgh
TA611,149Kathleen MulliganPittsburgh
TA621,067Richard ZackLower Burrell
AV631,064Phyllis BerkovitzPittsburgh
TA641,027Vicki KaneMorgantown
TA65963Robert FlynnMc Donald