PBA Mentoring Program

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Interested in becoming a better player?   Or, are you interested in helping someone do so?

The PBA announces our Mentoring Program. 

We are asking our 'established' players to give of their time once in a while - like 5 times over a 6-month period - to play with a 'developing' player at a site and time of their convenience. 

Mentors achieving this goal will receive a one free session entry to a PBA Sectional (per Mentee).

We ask that our 'developing' players take this opportunity to reach out to improve their game.

So, if you consider yourself a 'developing player' and want to improve, click the button below. 

At present, Mentees are limited to those with less than 200 masterpoints.

Or, if you consider yourself an 'established player' and want to help, sign up!

        Sign Up! 
* If the link doesn't work for you, call our Mentoring Master Lorraine Hanna at 724-625-6419
or Email Lorraine at LorraineHanna4@gmail.com

Please be sure to give us all your contact information - Full name, phone, email address, ACBL #.  We will try to get you hooked up!

Our intent is to develop a database of potential mentees and mentors. The list of mentees will be made available to potential mentors who may choose a person to mentor. Signing up does not commit you to join the program, if you are unable to find a compatible match.

NOTE: A person could be both a mentor and a mentee: sign up as a mentee and play with someone more experienced than you; and sign up as a mentor and play with someone with less experience than you.

Please consider participating in what we hope will be a successful new program!