Post Mortem  January 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South, IMPS, E-W Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - Q J
H - -------
D - Q 9 6 5 4
C - Q J 10 8 5 2
The Bidding is:

What is your bid???

Bill Holt: My call is 3H.  With a 6-loser support hand the ideal spot rates to be 5C or 6C, but 5C gives up on slam, and 6C is too unilateral.  3H is clearly a splinter so partner can properly evaluate his hand.  If (when?) the opponents bid 4H you can bid 5C.  With the right hand partner can drive toward 6, knowing that you passed originally.

Roni Gitchel: 5C - It is out of my system now. I have told partner what I have.

Jim Bachelder: 2H I'm too "quacky" to get all excited for now. I'll show my good limit raise with a 2H bid

Ken Bergman: 5C this could easily make while preempting against a major suit game.

Barb Bergman: 5C might as well bid 5 right away, since that's how high I'm willing to go.

Gail Carns: 2H The always useful queue bid

Ernie Retetagos:  5 Clubs. Since I would bid 5 clubs over 4 heart contract, I bid 5 clubs now instead of later.

Jim Klein: I pass!  I do not wish to show any fit at this time. Opponents and partner will show me what to do

P.J. Prabhu: 5C. We have at least 9 Cs and they have at least 9 Hs for a total of 18+ trumps and hence at least 18 total tricks. They also have at least 7 Ss - a possible double fit, raising the total trick count. If they bid 4H vulnerable, I'd feel compelled to bid 5C as a save. I may as well let them not exchange any information and guess at the 5 level. Perfect.

Florine Walters: 6C There is no clear cut bid over 5 hearts, so I might as well bid 6C now and let them figure out what to do. I may be at the partnership desk the next time around.

Herb Sachs: 5C Itís not clear whose hand it is. I am bidding 5 clubs. Let them figure it out!!

Asim Ulke: I bid 5C. We found the suit. The question is how high to bid. If we belong in 3C, 4C or 3NT or some such thing I pay off to that.

Bruce Keidan: 3C. Playing fit-showing jump shifts in comp, which is my preference, I would bid 3D. Otherwise, 3C now and 5C later over the likely 4H-P-P back to me

Trudy Cohn: I bid 5 clubs. My spade holding is like a worthless doubleton and it appears that the opponents hold a preponderance of the major suits. The best that I can hope to do is to jam the bidding for them.

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