Post Mortem  February 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, N-S Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - 10 3 2
H - 6 5
D - A K Q 10 3
C - 9 4 3
The Bidding is:

What is your bid???

Bill Holt: 5D ... 5S and Double could be right, but I am going to bid 5D, on the way to some number of Spades.  Partner should expect this to show a spade fit, and tell him where my values are.  Partner gotta have a pretty good hand to bid 4S Vuln. facing a passed hand.  Also helps partner know what to do over 6C, if that is our next port-of-call.

Ken Bergman. 5S ... Too many unknowns to let East play 5 clubs.  Partner's vulnerable bid rates to be a very good suit.

Gail Carns: 5S 5D could be right for decision against their 6-level however it leaves room for 5H

Mary Carns: 5D, preparing to help partner if he is on lead against hearts; this should show spades too.  The bigger problem is what to do if they bid again over our 5S.  This is probably  a hand where both sides can make game, and might even be a hand where both sides can make slam.  Hopefully my 5D bid will help partner decide how high to bid when they bid 6C or 6H.

Ernie Retetagos:5 Diamonds. This should show a spade raise with diamonds. If partner has controls in the other suits and a solid spade suit they can bid 6. 

Florine Walters: 5D Partner should have a good hand--something like seven solid Spades to go along with Heart cards. If partner holds something like seven solid, Axx, xx, x, we may be cold for 6 Spades. Therefore, I will bid 5 Diamonds, and let partner decide if five or six Spades is right.

Herb Sachs: 5D If you have just one bid to tell your partner what you have, make it. This does not deny spades. (Where are the hearts?)

Asim Ulke: I think bidding 5D is pretty clear to set the defense. We will play 5S or defend 6C doubled

Bruce Keidan: 5S.  It's my turn to guess, but it will be LHO's turn to guess in a moment.

Roni Gitchel: 5D - It should be in support of spades and give partner additional information.

Jim Bachelder: I'm bidding 5 spades. It sounds like there is more than one 8 bagger lurking. Partner's hand could easily be: AKJXXXXX, KX, XX, X in which case we're cold. RHO's hand could easily be: void, AQX, XX, AKQXXXXX. Who knows? On hands like this I bid one more time.

Barb Bergman: 5S ... If you go strictly on the Law of Total Tricks it seems to be the correct bid.  That is my first instinct.  I usually get in trouble when I second guess myself. I'm a little concerned about 2 heart losers and a club, but that is negative thinking.  To think about slam is too positive.  Partner shouldn't be opening 4H, if their hand has a possibility of slam.

Jim Klein: I bid 5D!  Partner should interpret this as a cue bid showing Spade support.  I will respond 5S if he bids 5H.  If he has the heart Ace and a singleton or void in Clubs I expect him to bid the Spade slam. If he has a void in Clubs and the Heart Ace we still might have a grand slam if his suit is solid and he cue bids 6C after my 5S response to a 5H cue

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