Post Mortem  March 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Team Game (IMPS), E-W Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - J
H - A 6
D - K J 10 9
C - A J 10 8 6 3
The Bidding is:
DBL (1)2 NT3 S4 C

(1) - Negative

What is your bid???

Bill Holt:  Double.  We might be able to make 5 minor but at these colors I am going to trust partner to have his 2NT bid.

Ken Bergman:  Double...didn't know we were playing with a 45 pt. deck

Gail Carns: 5C The answer to this is highly dependant on partnership agreement 1. What is the strength of north's 2NT? Does it show or deny a club fit? 2. Does the 2NT show Hearts and spades or just hearts? 3. Is north's last pass forcing or does it deny the ability to double? Not knowing the answer to these questions I bid 5C but partner agreement could change my answer.

Ernie Retetagos: 5 Clubs.  Could be a make or could be a phantom save. It seems like they can take 9 or 10 tricks in spades, so I'm going to guess to bid

Barb Bergman: Double ... why does my partner always leave the tough decisions to me? Since they are red, it seems right.  I must trust my partner's 2NT bid.  However, the pass of 4S makes me a little nervous

Florine Walters:  4NT. Obviously, 4 Spades may not make, but if declarer is something like 4 Spades & 6 Hearts, and partner has slow tricks, which is what I think partner is trying to tell me, I do not think I have enough quick tricks to beat the contract. Therefore, I am going to give partner the option of bidding 5 Clubs, 5 Diamonds, or passing, and hope for the best- certainly a very difficult problem..

PJ. Prabhu: Double. There is a distinct possibility that they may make 4S. However, I'm betting that they won't. We seem to have more than half the high cards and no clear fit. I'm not going to let the vulnerability sway me into bidding again. Spade lead appears clear as well.

Roni Gitchel: 4NT - Partner had the chance to double if they wished. Partner also knows that I have more clubs than diamonds and let's them select the minor.

Jim Bachelder: 4NT. This bid shows a distributional hand in the minors with at least 4 diamonds and longer clubs and asks partner to pick. It can't be a raise of partner's earlier NT call, E/W are vul. and if I'm strong enough to play 4NT, I'm strong enough to double

Lou Joseph: 4 NT Well, E/W has bid into a vulnerable game, and partner has not taken a piece of it. I don't like that fact the West is sitting behind me with the probable diamond cards, but that's just as bad on defense as on offense, so I'm bidding 4NT suggesting 6C and 4D and letting partner choose. The question is whether or not we're just white, or deathly pale

Asim Ulke: I bid 4NT.     My partner has some cards but can not double 4S. I do not know who is making what. Especially at IMP scoring I am taking insurance

Internet Post Results:

4 NT6580
5 C2240

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