June 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Team Game (IMPS), N-S  Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - 8 4
H - 10 9 6
D - A J 10 4 2
C - A Q 3
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East
 3 H4 SPass

What is your bid???

Richard Katz: 5S.  I bid five spades (how is your second round heart control?) any five of a minor que bid would deny the other, therefore this is both

Bill Holt: 5H, asking partner about his Heart losers.  He bid 4S to make and I have treasure for him.  Worst case would be partner having Kx and 6S goes down on a 2nd round ruff, but that would be unlucky.  Partner likely has both minor Kings for his bid and if he needs the diamond finesse it rates to be on.

Gail Carns: 5S asks partner to bid 6 with heart control. 5N with Kx of hearts

Bruce Keidan: 5C.  Pard should have a great hand. I'd like him to bid his Heart control if he has one. If he's not interested, I'll let him out at 5S. The Q bid here is better than 4NT because a 5S response to 4NT doesnt tell me that he's got a singleton heart.

Ernie Retetagos: 5 Spades. Partner will bid 6 with a heart control, and I'll take my chances that the spade suit is solid.

Herb Sachs: 5S This is the only way to find out if partner has heart control. If partner bids 6H I will bid 7S.

Asim Ulke: I bid 5S. With only one ace I would have bid that suit. So partner should know that I have both minor suit aces. I assume partner has a no looser spade suit and some minor suit honors for his bid, and 0 to 2 hearts. With 2H he would pass, with 1H he would bid 6S, with no hearts he would bid 6H. The rest is elementary my dear Watson.

Mary Carns: 5S.  Asks for heart control.  If pard has Kxx he should bid 5 NT.  We don't want to be in 6S if he has Kxx of hearts--then we go down on a heart ruff

Trudy Cohn: Pass  I don't see much of a problem here. I will pass. If partner had a really great hand, he would double first and then bid 4 spades. He probably needs what I have to make a game contract.

Jim Bachelder: Pass. Partner didn't double and bid 4S. I don't think I have enough cover cards for a slam, especially if partner has something like: AQJTXXXX, X, XX, KX. I'd bid 4S with this, wouldn't you? I wouldn't want to double first and hear partner bid 5D, which is what might happen here.

Barb & Ken Bergman: 5S asking if partner has second round control of hearts to bid 6 spades

Judy and & Harold Haffner: 5S asking for heart control, of course. very boring answer but it seems that six has a play with a control but five may be risky without a heart control.  oh well, been down before

Florine Walters: 5S Since partner is showing a very good Spade suit, I think this should be asking about first or second round control in Hearts. If partner does cue bids 6 Hearts, I will only bid 6 Spades since my Spade support is a bit suspect

P.J. Prabhu: 4NT. Roman key card blackwood, a compromise. I plan to bid slam only if pard has three key cards and the trump Q. My initial reaction was to pick pass over the alternative 5S for fear that the second round control may be Kx of H, the latter bid asking pard to bid slam with second round control of H. Instead of giving up on slam completely, I give up only if pard's control is shortness. With a void, pard may get us to slam anyway, after my 4NT bid.

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