July 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, Nobody Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - Q T 3 2
H - 7
D - 5 4 3
C - K Q 6 3 2
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East

What is your bid?

Bill Holt: Pass.  Partner asked me to bid a major, and now he is asking me to trust his decision.  At IMPS I might bid 4C to avoid disaster if 3HX happens to make.

Gail Carns: 4C The double should show a very good hand without 4 spades or good hearts. Partner would bid 3NT with good

Ernie Retetagos: Pass. Partner thinks they can beat 3 hearts, and I agree.

Herb Sachs: I pass and lead a trump.

Roni Gitchel: Pass - Partner could bid 3S, 4S or 4H if they wanted to bid on.  I have no reason to insist on declaring.

Jim Klein: I rebid 3 Spades. 4 trump with singleton Heart gives me enough

P.J. Prabhu: 3S. Partner has a good hand and is willing to defend 3H doubled. With H shortness and a side 5-card suit, my hand is better for offense than defense; hence the 3S bid. Looking for +140 instead of +100.

Asim Ulke: I bid 4D. Partner is showing a big hand with less than 4S. In fact partner should have 18 + points or would have bid 1NT over 1H if he/she had a stopper in hearts. 3H may fail by 1 or 2 tricks but we may make game in clubs or spades with a 7-card fit. I think there are 18 trums in this hand and the law of total tricks says, we make 11 tricks if the opponents are going down 2.

Mary Carns: 5C.  The second double is takeout, still.  Partner has a good hand and has denied having 4 spades.  My guess is that his distribution is 3=2=4=4 or even 3=1=4-5

Trudy Cohn I will bid 5 clubs. My hand is now really great for partner who has a big minor suit hand. The fact that I am not cue bidding at the 4 level will tell him that I have no aces.

Jim Bachelder PASS! I showed my hand when I took the free bid in spades. I'm certainly not going to pull a, clearly 100%, penalty double to bid a minor at the 4 level. Hmmm, someone at the table doesn't have their call and I'm betting that it isn't North. Partner, undoubtedly, has a balanced hand that was too big to overcall a NT, AND, NO SPADE FIT! Something like: AX, KQT8, AQXX, AXX. We can make 5C or 3NT, but these members of the "Bid One More Time Club" are going for a moonride

Barb & Ken Bergman : Pass.....We would pass since we took a free bid of 2S.  Partner shouldn't expect much more from our hand and we think the double at this point should be penalty oriented.

Florine Walters: I Pass and lead a trump. Partner knows I am short in hearts and obviously has only 3 spades. I trust partner. The only other bid that would make sense would be 5 clubs.

Internet Post Results:

4 D3060
3 NT1030
3 S02---

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