August 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, Both Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - J 9 6 4 3
H - K Q 10 6
D - A
C - A 7 4
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East

What is your bid?

Gail Carns: 3 Clubs If they bid again, I double.

Ernie Retetagos: 3 Clubs.  At many tables North, a passed hand, will not bid over 1 NT. Even if we can defeat them one, plus 110 beats plus 100. I'd be more tempted to double towards the end of a mediocre session, if I felt like gambling for a top.   

Herb Sachs:. 3 Clubs and hope they bid one more. If I double and they bid 3 diamonds I donít think I can double. I want to push them up one more to see what happens. I donít want to defend two hearts doubled.

P.J. Prabhu: Pass. I'll take may chances on defense. Second choice is 2S.

Jim Bossert: Double. I'll double two spades as well.

Bill Holt: I am going to roll the dice with 3NT.  Doubling 2H would be a 'transfer' to West bidding 3D, and partner rates to have a good hand when making the dangerous 2c bid here.  West must have a very weak hand so he should lead one of partner's suits, and that is OK with me.

Jim Bachelder: DOUBLE! I double and lead the A of clubs. If LHO corrects to 2S, I double and lead the A of clubs. Three notrump is a consideration expecting to take 6 clubs, two hearts and a diamond, but I'm going to play for +800.

Barb & Ken Bergman: 3 Clubs ....we're taking the conservative route.  Partner isn't marked with much, except a very good club suit.

Roni Gitchel: Double - I have heard enough. .

Arlene Port: 3 Clubs I am looking at the answers to this question, and I still would bid three clubs and double if they bid again.

Trudy Cohn: I think that I will bid 3 NT and hope that the gods are good to me.

Joe Brady: 3 H Shows good club support and hearts. If partner bids 3 diamonds I will bid 3NT. If we play in clubs, my singleton is good for ruffing value.

Internet Post Results:

3 NT8280
3 H2170
3 C4540
2 NT2020
5 C0020

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