September 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  IMPS, Both Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - A K
H - A K 10 7 5 3 2
D - 7 3
C - Q 2
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East
   2 D

What is your bid?

Gail Carns: 4S ... 4C is either a long club suit or a heart fit. In either case I Q bid

Ernie Retetagos: 4S  I'm assuming that the 4 club bid is a cue bid with heart support. By bidding  4 spades, partner can bid 4 NT, with a diamond control. We could get to 7, if partner could follow up with 5 NT to show me all the key cards.

Herb Sachs: 4H  I love my hand but I have two little diamonds. If partner cuebids 5 diamonds, I will bid 6 clubs.

P.J. Prabhu 4S. Slightly aggressive, but justified by the 7th H and the CQ. This bid could get us to slam if pd has xxxx,Qxx,x,AJTxx and acts boldly. I've shown a good hand with long and good suit. Hence I take 4C as a cue bid. Will pd take us to 6NT with xxx,Qxx,Kx,AJTxx? Want to give him a chance.

Mary Paulone Carns: 4H Hard to answer, since I wouldn't have bid 3H in the first place.  But, if I did, I bid 4H now.  I am undervalued for my original 3H bid, and don't have a diamond stopper, so I can't think of anything else intelligent to do

Jim Bossert: 5C did I really have to bid THREE hearts? O, well, I guess all I can do is bid 5 clubs

Jim Bachelder: 4S Three hearts says, "Hearts are trump" therefore, North is cue bidding with a fit. I doubt if North would be cue bidding with only one ace and no diamond control, so, I cue bid 4S. We should still be safe at the 5 level.

Roni Gitchel: 4H - Why did I bid 3H rather than 2H originally? 4C is a cue bid in support of hearts and I am still worried about diamond stoppers.

Trudy Cohn: 5H My bid is 5 Hearts looking for a slam if partner has a diamond stopper.

Brian Ellis: 4S. Hopefully, this is a cue bid for one of our two suits. Partner should read this as slam interest if diamonds can be stopped.

Bruce Keidan: 4H. I've shown a good hand, and I have one. But I have two quick diamond losers, and I'm reluctant to be in 5 clubs, with my 7-card suit face up on the table. Partner can bid again. . . and I hope he does.

Reanette Frobouck: 5C I will raise clubs.  my parrtner knows i have at least 6 good hearts and maybe more.  partner has at least 6 good clubs, and Q and one look ok to me.  i hate the fact that i have 2 dead diamonds.  we could certainly have 2 losers in that suit

Richard Katz: 6C - A) I have an excellent suited hand for clubs. B) Partner has made an unexpected bid.
With this combination, I have learned to bid one more than is conservatively reasonable. And - there is always “Sorry partner, I had a diamond in with my spades!”)

Florine Walters: 5H This would ask for first round control in diamonds.

Asim Ulke: I bid 4H. 3H is already a slight overbid and I have no diamond control. I would have started with 2H and bid 3D over 3C. If partner would have followed with a bid of 3H, I would have now bid 3S.

Lou Joseph: 4S Odd sequence. I'm bidding 4S as forward going in support of clubs - partner is not a passed hand. If he now bids 5C or 5H, I'm done. I don't think partner will take 4S as a suit, because I chose to jump to 3H which I assume shows a very good, long suit, and would therefore deny 4 spades. Perhaps a better question is why did I bid 3H?

Bill Holt: 4H.  I'm bidding 4H.  I have already shown a good hand with my 3H bid and 4H here should show extra length and deny a diamond control.  Partner's 4C is good news but we need a diamond control to get to slam and if his Diamond holding is KJx it's under the gun on the opening lead if we play in Hearts.  Perhaps partner can bid slam in NT if it is.

Internet Post Results:

4 S136100
5 C7260
4 H7660
5 H3250
4 D3020
6 C0120
4 NT0020

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