October 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  IMPS, N/S Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - A 3
H - 10 9
D - K Q 10 6 4 2
C - 8 7 5
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East

* - Forcing

What do you bid?


You are South,  N/S Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - A 9
H - 9 4 3
D - 10 8 7 5
C - A Q J 5
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East

What do you lead?



Ernie Retetagos: PASS. I have what I said and have nothing more to say.
BONUS: Lead a small diamond. A club could be their 9th trick. If partner has heart cards they are placed favorably for declarer. So I'll play partner for diamonds.

Barb & Ken Bergman: We'd bid 3H.  10 9 is certainly decent support and we are at the top of our bid. It would be tempting to jump to 4, but partner might assume more than 2 card support.  We figure taking a free call over the double would show our hand.
BONUS: We'd lead the 9 of spades.  Partner doesn't have much, but rates to have spades.  A spade to partner's queen and club switch by partner might set the contract.  Hopefully, partner has the 10 of clubs.  Dream on. 

PJ  Prabhu: 2S. May as well show values in spades when I can, especially since I have a good hand. It may help partner bid game in NT. I cannot have a spade suit
BONUS Club Queen. I make the standard lead. No imagination, no heroics.

Roni Gitchel PASS- I like honor and one or three small to raise partner, but do not mind my opponents want to defend.  I am not sure where my partner is heading.
BONUS - I lead the Q of clubs

Brian Ellis: 2S. I think this should show a card and heart tolerance, as well as a decent weak 2D call. Both P and 3D are needlessy pessimistic.
BONUS: I lead C queen. On a bad day I am giving declarer his ninth trick. If not and partner is getting in, we should be beating this contract. I would do this at both match points and imps. Declarer may have a lot of tricks if we do not start clubs.

Bill Holt: Assuming the double is for Takeout, I Re-Double.  This should show a good hand and tolerance for Hearts.  If partner wants to bid 3NT in the knowledge he faces a maximal weak 2d bid it's fine with me, I have a decent suit and an entry.
BONUS: I lead the QC.  South could be some as 2623 and I will need partner to contribute some length tricks if we are going to beat this.  So I will play for perhaps 4 clubs and the Ace of Spades.  Declarer probably has the King of Clubs but partner is not getting in this week or this month to start them through.  I am attacking now

Herb Sachs:.2S Partner asked me for a bid and I like my hand.
BONUS: I lead the Queen of Clubs.

Jim Bossert 2S. what's the problem?
BONUS: Iíll try a diamond. unless they have nine tricks in the red suits i can still switch to clubs if declarer leads spades.

Richard Katz: 3S I have a good hand on this action. Therefore, I bid three spades, all purpose. Spade card, some heart support, diamonds OK now do what you do.
BONUS: Club Queen, get our suit going.

Florine Walters: Two Spades. Will pass three Diamonds, three hearts, and three N.T. I do have outside values, with some heart support--let partner make the decision.
BONUS: In answer to your second question, I lead the Club 5. We probably have no chance of setting 3 NT unless partner has a heart stopper. If declarer goes after diamonds, i.e. AKQxx opposite a singleton, I will be endplayed. If I lead the club Q, when I get in will not know who has the Club 10, and if partner holds it third and I try of cash Clubs, I could set up the 9 if declarer holds K9xx

Trudy Cohn: 3D. By bidding 3D, I show a better hand. I could have passed to show weakness.
BONUS: Ace of Spades. Itís clear from the bidding that partner has spades.

Jim Bachelder: Pass I have more than what I could have had (e.g a stiff heart). I have a trick in diamonds, I have an ace, a ruffing value and two minor heart honors; what's the problem? I'm certainly not running. If RHO hadn't doubled, I'd have probably rased to 3H.
BONUS: Ace of Spades Dummy's spade call may be values and not a suit. Declarer bid notrump after hearing the spade bid and clearly has the king of clubs. Between my hand and the opponents, about 36 hcps are accounted for. This is the hand I'm playing for: LHO: QTx, X, AKQJXX, XXX and RHO: XXX, AKQJXX, XX, KX AND PARTNER: KJXXX, XXX, X, XXXX

Bruce Keidan Answer to bidding problem: Pass. This hand is the reason they put all those green cards at the front of the bidding box.
BONUS: I lead the 8 of diamonds. If they run off 9 tricks in the red suits and pard has the king of clubs, it will only hurt for a little while. PS -- What's the bonus in case holds a red suit entry and T9x of clubs?

Reanette Frobouck I think on the first hand, redouble is correct. It shows values and some ability to defend.
BONUS: On the second hand I would lead a diamond, trying not to give up anything. The Ace of spades could be right to take the entry out of the dummy but that seems a little esoteric

Asim Ulke: I PASS. I have no reason to bid again. With one more H and one less C, I would have bid 2S.
BONUS: I lead the S ace and probably continue with the S9. C lead may give e the declarer his 9th trick without establishing 5 tricks for defense.

Internet Post Results:




A S63100
A C8090
9 S5180
Q C4670
5 C3170
8 D4360
5 D1130



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