November 2006


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, E-W Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - A K 8 6 4 3
H - A K 5 3
D - 10 9
C - 9
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East

* - shows extra values beyond game (15-17 HCP)

What do you bid?


Ernie Retetagos: 4NT Natural and quantitative. With a 6 card suit and good diamond spots Iím worth a slam try.

PJ  Prabhu: 4S. Really, I wanted to abstain. Partner and the system have combined to prevent me from describing my hand at a lower level (if pd had rebid 2NT, I could have bid 3S to show my 6-4). Now I have to guess pd to be 2=3=5=3 and show my S length. If I were weaker or my minor suit lengths reversed, I'd pass. Thus 4S keeps the bidding open and hence is slightly encouraging

Mary Carns: 4S.  Not a "signoff".  Should show a good 6-4, which is what I have.

Roni Gitchel 6S - Life would be so easy if we were playing 2/1 and partner could be 2NT instead of 3NT

Gail Carns: Pass North has at most 2S so we don't have values for a slam

Bill Holt: 5S.  If partner has a little extra so do I and it's controls and 6-4 shape.  5S should show that, and my stiff club is good news facing partner's 2d bid.

Jim Bachelder: 4C Well, to begin with, the 3NT bid totally sucks!  After a game forcing 2/1, why is partner jamming the auction to tell me about their "extras" when it could have been kept a secret until after I described my hand with a 3S bid over a forcing 2NT? I'm not going to guess and bid 6S when we might be on for a grand so I'll show my interest in slam with an ambiguous 4C, whatever that means. Partner may think that I'm 5404, have the ace of clubs or who knows what; I hate the auction. After this hand, we're taking the "extra" showing 3NT bid off the card.

Bruce Keidan Pass. Even when 6D makes, 3NT making an overtrick or three won't be a bad score. But 6D down 1 most certainly will be. The hidden vigorish in poassing is that partner plays them  a trick better than the field

Herb Sachs: 4S So far, Iím the only one who knows I am 6-4. Now he knows. Iím done. If he wants to go one he can.

Jim Bossert 4NT. Seems like I'm good enough for a try..

Richard Katz : 6NT An estimation. All bad auctions end here. Itís cold for 5 or 7. Once again, I should learn how to bid!

Trudy Cohn: 4 Spades showing my shape and let partner decide if he has good values for slam.

Brian Ellis: Pass. We might be missing a slam if partner has Qx of spades. Otherwise, I do not picture our 30 or so highs resulting in a slam. Partnerís extras took away our chance to show a good 6-4 and I am willing to accept partnerís choice.

Reanette Frobouck Pass. I am finished in this auction. If my partner has a max of 17 and I have 14 and we have no fit, it is a good time to end the auction.

Asim Ulke I bid 4S. It should show a good hand with 6S and 4H. Rest is up to partner.

Richard Finberg: Pass.  Extra values, but poor fit and poor suit texture (although I like the 10-9 of D).  Probably have to lose a high card, plus at a trick (if not 2) to set up a long suit, making only 5NT.

Ken Bergman: Pass I want the lead to go into my partner's hand.  I'm not worried about the minors because most of my partners points are in clubs and diamonds.

Barb Bergman: 4C Assuming my partner has 2 spades, I think 6S could be possible.  If partner has 2 Aces they will answer either 4S showing they are at the bottom of their bid or 4NT showing they are at the top of their bid.  If they show only one Ace, I'll probably opt for 4NT, if they answer 4S, I'd probably opt for 4NT.  After a 4NT answer, I'd probably go for 6S. 

Many thanks to thos people who regularly contribute to the Internet Post Column - and usually get nothing in return except some abuse if their answer is not in the top 3.

Since I have the room this month, I thought they might be interested in knowing who madeóor did not make their bid for this problem.



Robert Lipsitz
Michael Becker
Jeff Rubens
David Berkowitz
Erik Paulson
Sidney Lazard
Zia Mahmood


Robert Friend
Fred Gitelman
Kit Woolsey
Michael Lawrence
Billy Eisenberg


Anders Wirgren
Andrew Robson
Beverly Rosenberg
Russ Ekeblad


Jeff Meckstroth
Robert Wolff
Barbara Haberman


Barry Rigal
Ira Rubin
David Berah


Al Roth
Larry Cohen
Marshall Miles
Richard Colker
Carl Hudecek
David Liss
Eddie Kanter


Sami Kehela

There are some names missing, but they just werenít there. Maybe they wanted to remain anonymous.

Internet Post Results:




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