January 2007


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, None Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - K 8 6 5

H - 3

D - J 10 7 5

C - 10 8 7 6

The Bidding is:






1 H



1 S

2 H





What do you bid?


Ernie Retetagos: PASS. I think partner is too strong to overcall 1 No Trump

PJ  Prabhu: 2NT. Meant to be minor suit take out. Partner has a very strong hand with at most 3 spades and hopes I can leave it in for penalty. Since I'll be taking the force in H, it seems better to play in a minor. Second choice: 2S. If partner misinterprets my bid and raises NT, I'll correct to 4C.

Roni Gitchel: 2S - I still have minimum values and bidding a new suit would show a better hand with a different type of distribution.

Bill Holt: Pass at matchpoints.  I have a King better than I needed to bid 1S and now partner says '+300 is better than +110'.  A low Spade to my King and JD back through ought to do it, or a Heart if there are ruffs in dummy.  Sounds like North and West will be endplaying each other after that.  At IMPS I would bid 3C.

Ken Bergman: Pass - North's second double shows a big hand with good hearts.  South's 4 pts. and good spots are more than North should expect

Jim Bachelder: PASS! This isn't a retakeout double. Partner didn't raise spades and RHO didn't raise hearts.  Hmm, partner must have a good hand with hearts, like maybe a hand that was too big for a 1NT overcall. I have a K and its probably a trick. Partner holds something like: AX, AQT8, KQX, AXXX, Why struggle to make a nonvul 3NT when 2H is going for a moon ride! If declarer's hand is : QX, KJXXXX, AXX, KX, he's possibly down four

Jim Bossert: 2NT (a man of few words)

Asim Ulke: I bid 2NT. This can not be to play. Partner should bid their best minor.

Florine Walters: 2NT I hate pulling my partner's doubles, but I cannot imagine beating the contract for more than one trick, and perhaps we may not beat it at all--so, I am bidding 2 NT, presumably take out for the minors. 110 should be a fine score. ... 

Richard Katz: Pass  Iím a passer. Is it time for a new partner?

Lou Joseph: 2NT For partner to pick a minor. This can't possibly be to play, because I could sit for 2HX if I had hearts, so partner should know I'm 4-1-4-4 or 4-0-5-4 or 4-0-4-5 with a dog. If I had 5S I'd just rebid them.

Mary Carns: 3H.  Partner has a giant hand.  Given that I could be broke and I am far from it, this call should get the point across.  I think that if partner had a huge fit for spades (only) that he should have cuebid, not made another takeout double, so I have a feeling that he has another suit.  I'm afraid that if I bid 3D, he'll think I have card higher than the J.

Barb Bergman:  Pass - If North were interested in my minors, he would have made a different bid originally.  I'd take the second double for penalty.  Partner can't expect much more from my hand.

Gail Carns: 2NT Partner should read this for minors

Richard Finberg: 3D -- Partner's double is card showing (good hand) rather than penalty.  It is tempting to bid 3S on values (since 1S promised nothing), but partner may be 3-2-4-4 on this auction, so I will just try to play in stronger minor.

Brian Ellis: Pass. I actually went to Mike Lawrence's original takeout double book and this is supposed to show 18-19 points and 3 card support. I think I prefer going for the 1 or 2 trick set than trying to guess whether 2S has a chance or to bid 2N (for the minors?). Great question for this oddly fascinating hand.

Trudy Cohn: 2NT meaning that partner should pick a minor suit. If I had hearts, I would most likely have passed the double.

Herb Sachs: 3C Partner shows a very good hand but doesnít have 4 spades. If partner had a one suiter they would bid it.

Internet Post Results:









2 NT






















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