March 2007


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, E-W Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - A 8 7 6 5

H - Q 4

D - 2

C - A K 9 5 2

The Bidding is:





1 S


1 NT*


2 C


3 C





What do you bid?


Ernie Retetagos: Pass. I wish I was playing 1 NT forcing, whereby partner's raise would indicate 5 card support. I don't think it is correct matchpoint odds to risk my plus to stretch to a thin game. At imps, I'd probably try 3 hearts and convert 3 NT to 4 clubs.

Bill Holt: Pass at matchpoints.  If partner couldn't make a 2 over 1 we aren't missing game facing my minimum.  I have nice shape and a 6-loser hand but would need magic cards from partner to make 5c and I don't fancy our chances in 3NT facing a 1NT-responding partner.  At IMPS I might bid 4c

Gail Carns: 4C I don't know what semi-forcing means

Jim Bachelder: 3H I'll make a game try with 3H. We could be cold for 6 if partner has something like:X, KXXX, AXX, QXXXX, but we can't even make game opposite: QX, JXXX, KQX, QXXX

Jim Bossert: 3H Why didn't I open one club? and what's the difference between semi-forcing and non-forcing? oh, well, I suppose I should bid three hearts as five clubs could well be there on a cross-ruff.

Asim Ulke :I bid 3H. As always there is no perfect answer. I should perhaps have one more heart for this bid and thus one less club. If partner bids 3S than I shall bid 4S. I shall pass 3NT or 4C.

Florine Walters: 3H My Qx of Hearts seem right for 3NT, so will bid 3 Hearts.

Mary Carns: 4C.  There are many minimum hands partner could have where 5C is cold.  Three NT is out of the question--if pard wanted to invite in NT he would bid 2NT.  That makes 5C more likely--he probably has 2 suits with very few values.   I need a red suit ace, and probably a stiff spade.  Hopefully bidding 4C will give him the message

Bruce Keidan: Pass. 3NT is out of the question. If pard had bid 2N rather than 3C, I would have bid 3N, but since he didn't, we're wide open in a red suit. 5C may be making, but I have no way to let partner make an intelligent decision (4C isn't helpful. So pass stands out, even at IMPs

Trudy Cohn: I will bid 4C confirming the shape of the hand and making a mild game try for clubs

Richard Katz: I bid 4 clubs. A que bid showing I really have good clubs probably 5/5. As usual continue doing something intelligent, I like your style. Thanks

Brian Ellis: 4D, splinter.  Partner is likely to have a 5 card club suit.  The right 3 cards, including the spade K, make slam likely.  The values for 3C with no diamond wastage could result in a slam.  If not, 5C is the best choice..If 4D is kickback, I would just bid 5C.

Roni Gitchel : 5C - This hand would be much easier to bid if I had opened it 1C instead of 1S

Arlene Port: 4C. My partner is clearly short in spades and has cards in clubs and somewhere else. This hand has possibilities for game. Bidding 4C is not a mandate, it is an invitation. Hopefully, partner will recognize this.

PJ Prabhu: 5C. At IMPs I want to be in 5C since it is hard to get to 6C when pard has the right cards, x,Kxx,Axxx,QJTxx for example. Tougher decision to bid game at match points. Perhaps I should bid 4C or 3S as a cue bid at MPs?



Internet Post Results:





3 H




4 C




5 C




4 D









This is an incomplete list of national bidders, but will give you some idea of who thought what!!

 Cl Hudecek:  Pass

Kerri & Steve Sanborn:  Pass

Eric Rodwell  5 clubs

Robert Wolfe  5 clubs

Gerard  5 clubs

Eddie Kantar  5 clubs

 (aside:  Most respondents who bid on believed that there might be a slam on this hand.  In addition, a couple of them felt the hand should be opened one club.)

Gerald Caravelli  4 clubs

Kit Woolsey  4clubs

Ira Rubin  4clubs

Chip Martel  3 hearts

Ron Gerard  3 hearts

Eric Kokish  3 hearts


Jeff Rubens  3 hearts

Jill Meyers  3 hearts

Sami Kehela  3 hearts

Robert Levin  4 diamonds

John Carruthers  4 diamonds

Max & Mary Hardy  4 clubs



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