October 2007


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, None Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - K Q 10 9
H - Q J 7
D - A 8 6 5 3
C - A
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East

* - Weak

What do you bid?

Bill Holt: 2NT.  I have the wrong shape for a Double;  if partner relays to 3c thru Lebensohl I don't really want to play 3c & I am not strong enough to then bid 3d.  Tell the least lie immediately and see where it leads.  If partner has Spades I will hear about it thru 3c Stayman.

Ernie Retetagos: 2 NT, showing a strong balanced hand with a heart stopper.

Trudy Cohn: 2NT. The bid that is closest to describing my hand is 2NT which shows a 1NT opener with a heart stopper. I wish that I had two heart stoppers. If I double hoping that partner has spades and he doesn't, then I have a rebid problem. .

Roni Atkins: 2NT - I'm not crazy about that bid, but if I double, partner could bid 2NT (Lebensohl) to get out in 3C and then what do I do?

Mary Carns: 2NT  Least of evils.  Describes my strength and my shape.

Florine Walters: 2NT I do have 16 points, and I do have a heart stopper....so, what is the problem? I can not think of any bid other than 2 NT!

PJ. Prabhu: Pass.  By process of elimination from several poor choices. The QJ7 of H led me to pass, better chance of a plus score if pard has scattered values and no good fit. Good (tough) problem.

Asim Ulke: I pass.  Double, 2NT, 3D or 2S are all bad options. Hope partner has enough to balance.

Herb Sachs: Double.  What are my choices? I am not going to bid 3 diamonds and 2NT might lose the spade suit.

Gail Carns: Double (He couldnít think of anything else to do).  Gail also didnít object to a bid of 2NT.

Richard Finberg: 2NT - would prefer 1-1/2 Heart stoppers, another club, and less spades, but this constructive and flexible bid is right on values and warns of Heart length.

Bruce Keidan: 2NT. Probably best even if I had 5 spades. 3D is sort of silly, too much risk for too little reward. If you double, what are you rebidding over 3C. And if you bid 2S, I hope you enjoy playing your Moysian fit at the 4 level after a heart to the ace, king of hearts, heart ruffed.

Jim Bachelder: 2NT. I know, I know, I've got a singleton but this is one of those "least lie" hands. Two no trump says I have a balanced 15-17 and if the 3D was the 3C, 2NT would satisfy the purists. Doubling and bidding 3D over partner's Lebensohl invitational 3C is far worse. Three no trump over the same 3C is equally unpalatable

Jim Bossert:  2 Spades.  Double can't be right.

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