January 2008


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, N/S Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - A 3
H - A J 8 7 6 3
D - K 8 6
C - 6 3
The Bidding is:
SouthWestNorth East
------1 CPass
1 HDBL  2 C *2S


What do you bid?


Mary Carns: 3H.  Forcing.  But if its invitational, that might still be right.  Diamond K is well positioned to take the lead, but poorly positioned to have trick-taking value.

Bill Holt: 3D - allows partner to show belated H support; or bid 3S asking for a Stopper; or bid 3NT himself.  It's forcing without being unilateral.   If partner bids 3NT then you can stew whether to pull to 4H ... but prepare an apology.

Brian Ellis: 3H.  Not exactly forcing, but if there is a game here, partner should be able to bid 4H or perhaps 3NT.  If the next call is 4C, I'll probably bid 5C, perhaps going down.  If partner passes 3H, we probably belonged in C, but maybe we have a plus score anyways

Herb Sachs: 3D. I canít give up on hearts. Iím hoping that partner can have two hearts. My partner might surprise me and bid 3 no trump, or with a real good hand and no spade stopper, he can bid three spades and I will bid 3nt. Iím give partner all the options he can bid over 3 D. If partner bids four clubs, thatís my next problem and if he bids 4 diamonds, I will bid 5C. Iíve covered all the bases.

Richard Finberg: 3D, forcing. and showing D values.  Buying time so partner can show secondary H support, S strength or bid NT.  Slight risk of wrong-siding this, but partner should have help in D if he lacks H support.

Asim Ulke: I bid 3H. It is not forcing but opposite a minimum and no fit 3H is probably high enough. I would also bid 3H if it was forcing.

Jim Bachelder: 3S, my only forcing bid. Partner will bid 3NT with KXX, XX, Qx, AKQXXX, that's OK; 4H with XXX, KX, AX, AQJXXX, that's OK and 4C with XXX, X, AJX, AKQXXX, which I will raise to 5 and that's OK too.

Ernie Retetagos 3D.  Gives partner a chance to support hearts with a doubleton honor.

Gail Carns: 3D since partner denied 3 hearts they should bid 3H with 2 hearts

Roni Atkins. 3H - Partner can bid 3 spades to look for 3NT

PJ Prabu 3H. Since the DK is of questionable value being in front of the doubler, I don't want to force to game. I wish I could show my H length and invite game; but how can I do that? At matchpoints, I bid 3H and hope it's right.

Trudy Cohn: 2NT I will bid 2NT showing stoppers in both of the opponents suits and inviting a game. I don't want to hang partner if he opened a very minimum distributional hand in clubs by bidding 3NT

Richard Katz: 3S I bid 3 spades and pass 3 nt. Over 4 clubs i bid 4 hearts, this not a shutout i hope as 5 or 6 clubs still in the picture. If passed in 4 hearts it is probably the correct place to be

Florine Walters: 3S Partner may have Qxx of Spades and will bid three NT. Three NT will definitely play better from the north position. If partner bids 4C, I will try 4Hearts.


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