February 2008


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  Matchpoints, N/S Vulnerable.

Here is your hand:

S - K 7
H -  K 10 2
D - K J 9 5 3
C - A Q 2
The Bidding is:

* - 15-17

# Relay:  Single Suited Hand

% Non Forcing Relay

What do you bid?


Mary Carns: 2NT.  If this was my partnership, partner would have only 4 spades and not a very good hand.

Gail Carns: Pass - If north wanted me to bid she would have done something else. I would have doubled 2D

Richard Katz: I pass. What's the problem.? Righty has already passed so it"s unlikely that  lefty will double either. I expect to get a good board .This is from me Richard hasn"t seen it yet

Trudy Cohn: I will bid 2NT. If partner had five spades, he would have bid 2 hearts as a transfer bid immediately. He probably doesn't have quite enough for a raise in NT but doesn't want to sell out

Asim Ulke: 3D I would have doubled 2D.  My partner could have only a four card suit. I can not pass. I bid 3D. .

Herb Sachs: 2NT Only bid as far as I am concerned. Partner can only have 4 spades and I have only two. I will not bid past 2 nt. Partner will be expecting me to take another bid with only two spades. If partner has 5 club she can bid them and I will pass.

Richard Finberg: Pass.  Easy decision. Partner's bid is competitive only, with presumably 5 spades.  I fit poorly, have waste in Hearts, and opponents may have ruffs. Hope we make it.

Jim Bachelder: PASS!  What is there to think about? Partner had to wait, before he bid, to find out what RHO's suit was and now he has bid a non-forcing 2S. If he holds something like: AJXXX, JXX, XXX, XX, we are high enough, especially since the opening heart lead will be through my K. It will, most likely go: Q, A, ruff, club; not pretty. Then we still have to find the trump Q plus play diamonds. I would have rather defended.

Ernie Retetagos:2 No Trump.  I would not be in this position. Rightly or wrongly, I would have doubled 2 diamonds.

Roni Atkins: Pass - partner did not ask me to do anything else

PJ Prabu: Pass. Partner seems to have found the worst sequence. Why didn't he transfer or bid earlier? Since I don't understand what pd is doing, I pass.

Florine Walters: 3DAs long as we are going to play this hand, it might as well be from my side. Two NT is an option, but would probably have to find partner with an honor in the heart suit which is not likely, so will hope for the best in diamonds.

Arlene Port: 2NTIts clear partner has only four spades and knows if I only have two spades I will bid. Partner would have overcalled 2spades over 2 clubs if they had 5.

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