March 2008


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By Arlene Port

You are South,  IMPS, None Vulnerable

Here is your hand:

S - A K J 8
H -  K Q
D - 10 8 4 2
C - K 6 3
The Bidding is:

* - Weak

What do you bid?


Mary Carns: 2NTMy alternative is Pass and that leaves me with an impossible problem on the next round.  Even if we don't have a diamond stopper, the suit might be blocked.

Gail Carns: 2NT this is hard. I can double without hearts or bid 2NT without a real D stopper

Asim Ulke: I pass. I expect my partner to keep the bidding open with about 10 points and shortness in diamonds. Double or 2S by me can go terribly wrong.

Bill Holt: 2NT.  Tough problem - Which lie do you tell?   Double or 2S could go wrong here as well.  I prefer showing the size of my hand and let 'Systems On' get us to the best spot.  If RHO has AKQJxx or a side entry then we are cooked.  Maybe partner has Jxx of Diamonds and I won't get a diamond lead.

Bruce Keidan: 2 Spades. All calls, including pass, are flawed. Putting a small club in with my spades gives me two shots at game, in 4S and 3NT by NORTH. Even if I end up in a Moysian (4-3)fit, I may have chances.

Herb Sachs: 2NT I donít like it, but thatís the least troublemaking bid. Partner may have a suit they can bid. The worst thing that can happen is that he bids 3NT with 3-3 in the majors, a stiff diamond and six clubs to the AQ .That would be too bad.

Richard Finberg: 2NT - suit is stopped whenever partner has any D honor, or when LHO has stiff D honor.  It is unlikely RHO has AKQJx(x).  When partner has singleton, often he can transfer or look for major.  2NT shows the right values, and also avoids ruffs when pard has 2+ D

Jim Bachelder: 2NT, the least lie. I'm not passing and I'm not doubling to hear partner jump in hearts. Opener is not likely to have solid diamonds and pard could provide some help. I have to get my values spotlighted somehow.

Roni Atkins: 2NT

Sandra Fleischman: 2NT

Richard Fleischman: Pass

PJ Prabu: 2S. Too strong to pass.

Florine Walters: 2NT When all is considered, 2NT. The best way to get to the correct contract, assuming there is one! One word of it quickly. Protect yourself just in case west is thinking about doubling.....ACT CONFIDENT!!!

Lou Joseph: 2NT I'm bidding 2NT over 2D. I'd open the hand 1NT, so what the hell. Besides, the opponent's are not vulnerable, and people tend to open such garbage weak 2's nowadays. Also, I can't double - what if my partner jumps to 4H

Ernie Retetagos: 2NT Too strong to pass. An overcall or a double distorts my distribution. We can still play in a suit if partner has a singleton diamond.

Arlene Port: 2NT I know the best answer and I still have a problem. I guess I will be 2D, even though I knew that wasnít the best answer. Well, it was for me!!


Internet Post Results:


2 NT81180


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