April 2008


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By Arlene Port

Two - Parter this month!

Part 1 - You are South,  IMPS, None Vulnerable

Here is your hand:

S - A Q 8 6 3 2
H -  Q
D - A Q 6
C - 10 6 2
The Bidding is:

* - Game-Forcing unless partner rebids 3H

What do you bid?


Part 2 - You are South,  Here is your hand:
S -  3
H -  J 10 8 5
D -  K J 10 8
C -  Q J 10 9
The Bidding is:
* - Game-Force
** Minimum, no singleton or void
*** 0 or 3 Controls

What do you lead?


Asim Ulke: I bid 3H. If partner passes this so be it; I can not stop clubs. Hopefully partner will bid 3S with a doubleton spade and the spade game will be reached.  LEAD:  C—This bidding makes no sense unless the dummy will table a 6 card side suit headed by AK or AKQ. Declarer obviously has 3 key cards. Partner is either void in a suit or has a sure trump trick like QJT. The later would be in hearts and most players name a solid major in the bidding. So that is unlikely. I think therefore that the dummy's suit is Clubs. On the other hand the only side suit that has been bid is diamons. Did partner request a diamond lead? I dont know but I have some protection against diamond suit being established. So I lead a club.  Wow!

 Herb Sachs:  3H:   If I bid three hearts, partner has plenty of room to bid 3 spades if he has a doubleton.   Or even a singleton honor.  I don’t like it and I never raise second suits with three.  I like the Q of hearts and partner may have a 6card suit.  If I lbid 3 spades  a spade, partner will not know I have a heart  card  LEAD:  I  lead a diamond.  Either for an unusual  lead—or they aren’t making it!!

PJ Prabu:3S. Showing a sixth S, denying a C stopper, and waiting for more info from pd. 3-card support is not enough to raise pd's second suit and bypassing 3NT. I like my hand very much with the Qs in pd's suits; but will pass any game bid and will bid 4D over 4C..    LEAD: HT. My first reaction was to lead the "safe" CQ on the premise that the opponents appear to have their signals mixed and pd has a trump trick. On second thought, LHO's bid may be based on AKQTxx of H as the source of tricks and a H ruff is required to beat the contract. The lead of the T instead of the J or 5 is a little deception, should pd not have a H  void.                 

 Bill Holt:   I bid 3S. Tough problem.  Options as I see them are 3NT (with open clubs), 4d (getting past 3NT) and 3S (your Spades aren't worth another bid).  I am going to bid 3S in the hopes that partner can bid 3NT or 4d.  I don't like to bid beyond 3NT when I sense it is the likely best place to play.  Partner won't play me for a club card as with I would have bid 3NT myself.     LEAD:   the Q of Clubs.  Dummy has not bid any suit naturally and there is no side-suit shape information available.  I have a LOT of stuff here facing a doubling partner on this auction.  I am going passive.  Sounds like dummy is some wild distributional hand.

 Mary Carns: #1.   3S.  Least of evils LEAD:   JH.  Partner has a void.  Normally I would guess that the void is in my longest suit, but I have 3 longest suits.  Here is how I decided on a heart:  Responder has to have a source of tricks, and only 2 keycards (declarer has 3).  He can't think he has a big source of tricks in a minor, given my holding in those suits.  So, he is probably 2-suited in spades and hearts.  Something like AKxxx, KQxxxx, x, x.  So pard's most likely void is hearts. 

Gail Carns: 3S Most people don't play that 2S showed 6 and I don't have a C stopper.  LEAD:  DQ I don't seem to have a long suit                                  

 Roni Atkins:  4D - I don't like it, but I have no other call. LEAD:  Q of clubs - It calls for first suit bid by dummy or an unusual lead.  I don't have either available and want to make the lead that is least likely to give anything away.

Jim Bachelder:  3H!  Certainly with honor doubleton, I would bid 3H, so I'll try it now before I go past 3NT. If partner now calls 3NT, I'll happily pass. What contract would you like to play if partner's hand is:  X, AKJTX, KJXX, QXX ? LEAD: QC   I'm leading the pedestrian queen of clubs which is least likely to give something away, like a red suit lead. If this is a lightner double, I have no clue which of my 3 four card suits to lead. It sounds like the opponents are off the trump ace and partner can double the 7NT runout as well. Certainly he can't have a trump stack and with QJT, he'd be happy with his plus                    

 Trudy Cohn:  BID:  4D  LEAD:  I will lead the Club Q. I really have no idea what the double indicates and so will make the lead least likely to give up a trick.

 Ernie Retetagos:  4D seems normal.  Raising partner with trump support is usually a good  idea.  LEAD QC An experienced partnership may have discussed similar auctions in which a diamond lead is requested.  I would have to have this discussion and a lot of trust in partner to lead a a diamond.               

 Florine Walters:  3S I'm not sure sure as to whether my second bid of two spades indicates six, but whether it does or not I am still bidding three spades. While I am not crazy about this bid if in our system two spades shows six, but on the other hand I do not want to go past three no trump. It is up to partner to further clarify their hand by bidding 3 NT with a club stopper, 4 diamonds with five, 4 hearts with six and with none of the above 4 spades.   LEAD: JD.      Partner is asking me to make an unusual lead, thus a diamond, the only unusual lead. Of course, partner could be a bore and hold the trump ace, but you still have to lead a diamond just in case he is not!!!

 Brian Ellis: 3S.  I had not previously promised a 6 card suit.  Now I do.  Furthermore, there is nothing else to say.  A raise to 4D would promise a 4 card suit and if 3NT is right, it has to be from partner's side   LEAD:   QC  The double is for an unusual lead, normally the first suit bid by dummy, who has not bid a suit.  I may have all 3 suits stopped, so it seems that partner has a trump trick.  I will lead the club queen and hope I have not given the grand away 

Jim Bossert:  3 hearts. 3NT should be played by pard. LEAD: Q of clubs. I know I'm supposed to know what to do but I don't.

 Richard Katz:  I Bid 3S. LEAD: JH.  The rationale for this bid is that if opponents count on making 7 with the diamond or club suit, they cannot do it because I have those suits.  The only way they can possibly make 7 is by running a long heart suit with shortness in the dummy where they can ruff out my heart after pulling trump.  My partner must be void in hearts to double.


Internet Post Results:

Bidding Part:


Lead Part:


10 H7100
J H590


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