May 2008


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By Arlene Port


You are South,  IMPS, None Vulnerable

Here is your hand:

S - 8
H -  Q 5 4
D - A 10 9 8 4
C - K 6 4 2
The Bidding is:

What do you bid?

Asim Ulke: 5D Partner should have a 4-0-4-5 distribution. Diamonds are as good as any. East probably has a singleton, I don't want him to lead it. Furthermore, if opponents compete to 5H, I want partner to lead a diamond. So I bid 5D.

Mary Carns: 4NT- Pick a minor.  Usually, there would be only 2 reasons that partner might pass originally, then double 4H.  Either he has hearts (impossible from the bidding and my hand), or he has a takeout double without spades--Almost impossible from the bidding and my hand.  I think he has a good hand with 4 spades and one long minor.  Most likely distribution 4-1-6-2 (with 4-1-5-3 he should double originally).  His minor should be diamonds since he could correct 5C by me--but if it is clubs, what is he planning to do over 5D?  But, rather than bid 5D unilaterally, I make the safety bid in case he passed originally with 4-1-2-6 and now got stuck..

Roni Atkins: Pass - I really have nothing to bid and think that we will set 4H

Herb Sachs: 5D I expect my partner to be at worst 4-4-4-1 and maybe better. I bid my best suit.

PJ Prabu: 5D My first thought was to bid 4NT, asking partner to pick a minor, should he be 5=0=3=5. But then, why didn't he overcall 2H? Or 1S, 2NT, or double 1H, for that matter? Hope he is 5=0=4=4 with weak S. T9xxx,-,Kxxx,AQxx would be ideal.

Bill Holt: I pass.  I am risking 170 (590 versus 420) but I think we have a better chance of beating 4H than of making 5m.  Partner is some 40(54) who could not act over 1H.  Sounds too soft for 9 tricks to me (down 2 in 5mX), I'd rather try to take 4.  I hope to lead my singleton spade out of turn and get away with it.

Richard Katz: 5D My partner is probably 4-0-4-5 or 4-0-5-4. He doesnít have spades because he didnít overcall. So, I bid my best suit.

Bruce Keidan: 4NT. Pick a minor. But if he passes, maybe I'll make it. I'd love to know partner's hand for this auction.

Jim Bachelder: 4NT!  LHO has opened a Flanneryish (maybe KXXX, AKXXX, X, XXX) hand and partner has the "best hand at the table" without 4 spades.  RHO is clearly preempting with a Yarborough (something like" XXXXX, JXXX, XXX, X. Partner didn't double originally due to the spade flaw but is doubling now to keep spades in focus should I have length in the suit. Partner holds something like: AQX, X, KQXX, AQXXX.and we may be cold for slam but I'll settle for game because the Ace and King of spades might be reversed. That's what preempts are about.

Trudy Cohn: I bid 4 NT asking partner to bid his best minor suit. Partner probably has four spades and a longer minor suit.

Ernie Retetagos: 5 Diamonds. Strange auction. I think partner has a weak 4-4-5. This save might even have chance to make




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