June 2008


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By Arlene Port


You are South,  IMPS, N-S Vulnerable

Here is your hand:

S - A Q J 10 7 3
H -  K J 6
D - A Q 5
C - Q
The Bidding is:

What do you bid?

Asim Ulke: I bid 2S. The hand is not good enough to double and correct a possible 3C bid from partner to 3S. I do not think we have game opposite a silent partner.

Mary Carns: 2S.  Since partner is a passed hand, this bid shows a good hand (knowing the form of scoring would be helpful)

Jim Bossert: I double

Jim Bachelder: 2S That shows a good hand with 6 spades and partner should compete with trump support and an A or a K if the opponents bid again. This hand is not worth a jump opposite a passing partner as the minor Q's may be worthless.

Florine Walters: Double. Will correct 2 clubs to two spades, and if partner should happen to bid three clubs, will correct to 3 NT.

Trudy Cohn: 2NT I will bid an unhappy 2NT. At least the strength of my hand is described. If I bid 3D, my partner will probably have no choice but to bid 4C and we will have bypassed a NT game.

Herb Sachs: 2NT I need to protect my diamonds. My hand is too good to bid two spades. This shows a good hand and doesnít go too high.

Roni Atkins: 2S - My diamonds are too good for the pass to be a trap. This is high enough

PJ Prabu: 2S. Hoping (praying?) that what little partner has may be useful; but quite concerned: I may be held to 6 tricks in a S contract. Another risk is that opponents may get to a better contract than 2D (say, 3C) if I bid; worse yet, with me on lead. I'm making a strong case for a Pass, but canít quite find the courage to do it with such a good suit.

Bill Holt: 2S.  As much as I think I might like to play 3NT North doesn't have the cards I need to make it.  My suit is good enough to give 2S a play.  I am showing extras with this Vulnerable call, so perhaps partner can now bid something and we'll get to a game.

Richard Katz: Dbl. I can correct 3 clubs to spades and I want to introduce hearts as a possible contract. I donít know where weíre going and this bid gives me many options. Double starts the pathway to all correct roads. However, later in the auction you may want to consult with Indiana Jones because many of these roads should not be taken!!

Ernie Retetagos: 2 NT accurately describes strength, honor location, and trick taking potential. If partner bids 3 D, I'll bid 3 hearts and right side a heart contract

Gail Carns: 2S this should say I have a big hand and I know partner is not on a penalty pass



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