July 2008


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By Arlene Port


You are South,  IMPS, N-S Vulnerable

Here is your hand:

S - A 9 7 6
H -  K 5 4 3
D - 6 4
C - A 6 3
The Bidding is:
---------3 H

What do you bid?

Asim Ulke: 3S. I don't think we have game. Spades will brake badly. Pass might produce + 100 for our side. 3NT is a gamble

Mary Carns: 4H.  Shows my values and gives partner a chance not to have 4 spades.  4S should show more spades, more distribution, and less stuff outside of spades.  3NT is possible but my anemic heart stopper, 4-card spade suit, and aces and kings rather than texture all suggest playing in a suit.

Jim Bachelder: 4S, what's the problem? I'm sure there's a catch but that's what I'd bid at the table

Florine Walters: 3NT This is a tough decision as partner does not have to hold a robust hand in the balance seat, in which case it might be correct to pass and stay in the plus column. On the other hand, partner could have a very big hand and we could possibly miss a slam. So, if we just have a game, I am going to forgo the spade suit as partner does not need to hold four, and will bid 3 NT.

Trudy Cohn: 4S I will bid 4 Spades. It's too costly to miss a vulnerable game and partner shoudl have more than a bare opening bid to come in at the three level.

PJ Prabu: Pass. Giving pard 4=1=4=4, we have 8 Ss and they have 8 Hs for 16 total trumps. Hence if we can make 4S, they are down 3 in 3H. My HK is useless on offense. My guess of the probability of the main outcomes for the Pass are: 50% for -3 IMPs (+500 vs. -620 at the other table), 25% for +9 IMPs (+300 vs. +100), 20% for +4 IMPs (+800 vs. -650) and 5% for +12 IMPs (+500 vs. +100 when North gets carried away with the H void and gets too high). Hence I believe Pass is the best long term action worth +2 IMPs on average.

Bill Holt: 4S.  As much as I would like to bid 4H, partner is balancing, I have game-going values, and 4S should show 10+.   If partner can make a noise over 4S that's great as I have prime values for him.  Also, I want to play this hand ... partner could have a doubleton heart and round 1 might get ruffed.

Richard Katz: 4S I bid 4S it might have a play even if partner was just balancing for me with minimum values and heart shortness. .

Ernie Retetagos: 4S.  Due to the weak heart spots, 3 NT and a penalty pass are out.  What else is left? At the table I would bid 4 spades and not feel as though I faced a bidding problem.

Gail Carns: 4S ... Pass could be right

Brian Ellis: Pass.  I have no idea what we might be making.  The opponents are certainly making nothing.  It would be a shame to trade a certain plus for a possible minus.

Herb Sachs: 4S This is the only bid that makes sense to me. Any other bid is just too complicated. If I bid 3NT, the auction is over and partner will not bid



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