September 2008


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By Arlene Port


You are South,  Matchpoints, None Vulnerable

Here is your hand:

S - 10 3 02
H - A Q J 5
D - A 8 4 3
C - A 10
The Bidding is:

Two Part Question...

1) Do you agree with Pass?

2) What do you bid?

Asim Ulke: Y/5C Yes, I agree with the pass. I bid 5C. Partner should have about 6 clubs to the king and queen and a side king. If the side king is of hearts there are 11 tricks. If the side king is a diamond, we need the heart finesse to be right for 11 tricks.

Trudy Cohn: NO/6C - I can't really disagree with south's pass. It's getting to be a pretty rarified atmosphere bidding at the 4 level. At favorable vulnerability, a takeout double is called for but I'm not convinced that it is right here. Having passed, I think that a 6 C bid is in order. Partner has at most a singleton spade and it should only require a successful finesse in hearts to make the contract. That appears to be odds on from the bidding. .

Gail Carns : NO/5C I don't agree with the pass and I bid 5C

Arlene Port: NO/5C. I think my partner has already bid my hand and I dont want to punish him for bidding.

Jim Bossert: Yes/Pass (A man of few words)

PJ Prabu: NO/5C . I would have doubled. 2. 5C. Would partner bid 4C with 1=3=4=5? I hope he would double with 4-3 in the red suits. If he has this distribution, I'd like to be in 4H. I believe that he has at least six good clubs, possibly seven.

Ernie Retetagos: NO.4H #1 No, I would have doubled.  #2- 4 Hearts, I think this is clear cut at matchpoints .

Bill Holt: Y/5C 1) I agree with pass.  The slight extras do not outweigh the 3 dead spades and off-shape. 2) I am going to bid 5c.  Partner probably has 7 clubs and a weak hand, but 11 tricks look to be on a H finesse, and partner can ruff Spades back for transportation to take those H finesses.  Partner should have enough to give 5c a play or he should not have come in at the 4 level.

Richard Katz: No/4S. I generally bid directly with this type of hand. Double would be my choice. I usually do not  make a takeout double with two flaws that is spade length and a doubleton, but this would be an exception. Having passed I would bid 4 spades but would never feel comfortable in passing 5 clubs and would probably be down in 6. Oh well.

Herb Sachs: NO/4S NoI have too much to pass.The only difference between a clear is one spot card. Having been forced to pass, my partner comes in totally uninvited, he could have no less six good clubs and a red king. So, to go along , I am bidding 4 spades in the hope that they will double and my partner can redouble with a void if he has one, If he does that, I will bid 6 clubs. My last option would be to bid 5C.

Florine Walters: NO/4D No, too many high cards to pass. You can't expect partner to balance with an 11 count at the four level, but guess what, partner must know your style and did exactly that!!   This hand is certainly worth a cue bid  of 4 diamonds, hoping partner will cue 4 hearts with the king, presumed shortness in spades and decent clubs. If partner cues 4 spades, will assume he has the diamond king and decent clubs. I will obviously pass 5 clubs



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