October 2008


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By Arlene Port


You are South,  IMPS, Both Vulnerable

Here is your hand:

S - 10 8
H - A 6 4 3
D - A 8 6 3
C - K J 6
The Bidding is:

* 2c is long clubs and a mid-range opener

??? What do you bid ???

Asim Ulke: I bid 3NT. A bid of 3C may uncover a heart fit, as such it is my second choice

Trudy Cohn: I will bid 3 NT. My clubs are of maximum value in NT and partner should have at least 12 points.

Richard Finberg: Pass.  Plus 500-800 seems likely, while no game is assured, so taking the "sure" set seems best, even if we might lose 3 IMPs.  This would be a much tougher problem at MPs.

Steve Nolan: Pass. Even if partner has less than opening values, we should still set this by two; if partner has a better hand, we still have decent chances of making more on defense than in 3NT or 4H (neither of which are guaranteed) and it won't be an IMP disaster even if we don't

Stanley Ruskin: 3C I would bid 3 clubs, intending to correct partnerís 3 spades to 3NT or raise 3 Hearts to game. If I convert 3 spades to 3NT, partner will know that I have the red suits

Bruce Keidan: 3NT. Seduced by my S10. If anyone knows the "right" answer, please e-mail it to me before the winter nationals.

PJ Prabu: 3C.  No other bid comes close. Vulnerable at IMPs, I want to be in game. I will raise 3H to 4, bid 3NT over 3S and bid 3H over 3D (3NT over 3D is also acceptable). How do we get to 6H opposite Axx, KQTx, KQxxx, x? We'll need partner to cue bid 4S over my raise to 4H.

Bill Holt: 3C, Stating 'I have a good hand' but also carrying 'pick a Major' connotations.  If partner next bids 3H I will raise to 4H, but if partner bids 3d or 3S I will bid 3NT

Richard Katz: Pass. Iím not sure if we have a game or not but I am sure that 2 clubs is going down. If I bid 3 hearts and partner passes or we get to 4 hearts and donít make it, I will be upset. My bid is like an insurance policy to get a sure plus and 800 seems like a good bet.  At IMPís, this would be a more difficult decision

Herb Sachs: 3C At imps we have to bid a vulnerable game. So itís either 3no trump or 4 hearts. So, I bid 3 clubs. If partner bids 3 hearts I raise to game and if partner bids 3 spades I bid 3 NT. If partner bids 3 diamonds, I bid 3 hearts. Iím just trying to get to the best vulnerable gameóand hope to make it!

Ernie Retetagos: Pass.  Hope that partner can contribute 2-3 tricks to go with my 4.  Partner is not promising much, and game would be iffy

Pat Katz: 3H - gives my partner a chance to bid three spades and I can bid 3 NT over 3S.

Florine Walters: 3 clubs. If partner bids 3 diamonds, or 3 spades will bid 3NT, and will raise 3 Hearts to four.

Jim Bossert: 2H seems reasonable (Jim is getting wordy in his old age)

Auxiliary Experts:
Marvin Rulin: 3NT  We should have at least a game contract. With a double stopper in clubs I would feel more secure in NT than a suit conract to avoid the possibility of a club lead and then a ruff. 



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