November 2008


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By Arlene Port


Two Parter!

#1 You are South,  IMPS, None Vulnerable

Here is your hand:

S -  A10 4
H -  A 8 6 3
D -  Q 3
C -  J 9 7 5
The Bidding is:

#1 - ??? - What do you bid?

#2  IMPS E-W Vulnerable,

The Bidding is:

.You as South hold

S -  10 9 8
H -  A Q J 8 5
D -  K 7 2
C -  Q J

#2 What do you lead?

Jim Bachelder: #1 2H, It's a freebid and there is no reason to jump. Partner doesn't always have hearts. He may have a long, good diamond suit and 3NT is the right spot. 3H would jam the auction unnecessarily.
#2 [garbled in transmission-W.M.]

Herb Sachs:: #1 Double—wait and see what happens. If partner sits for the double I would be happy. If he pulls to diamonds, I will bid hearts.
#2—QJ of clubs. I don’t expect partner to ever get in. He can’t have many points.

Ernie Retetagos: #1-- 2 clubs. If partner bids 2 hearts, I'll raise to 3.       
#2 J clubs. I'm defending by myself, so I don't have to worry about misleading partner .

Mary Paulone Carns: #1--double--penalty oriented; describes my strength and (roughly) my shape.  I'd like to have another spade for this call, though.  Eventually we could play in 4H if partner pulls the double, or 3 NT.
#2--10S.  This is difficult--I'm going to be endplayed every time I'm in; I lead my longest suit that doesn't give up an immediate trick since my best chance to beat this hand may be to pump declarer (dummy isn't likely to be long in spades since he never bid them despite multiple opportunities)

Steve Nolan: #1.    2C.  If partner bids hearts, I'll raise to game.  If partner bids 2D or 2S, I'll bid 3NT. If our contract is 4H, we'll get there whether I bid 2C, 2S or double, and it won't matter who plays it.  If we ought to be in 3NT, I should be declarer to protect against a club lead from East.  If I start with a double or 2S, I think there's more chance that the contract will end up being played from the wrong side
#2 CJ.  Maybe declarer will play me for a singleton and let me score my queen.

Asim Ulke: #1 I bid 2C. If partner bids 2, I bid 2H. If partner bids 2H, I bid 3H. If partner bids 3C, I bid 3NT, etc.
#2 - I lead the queen of clubs. The idea here is not to get strip-end played in trumps. Try to make the declarer worry about an imminent rough so that he/she plays trumps first.

Gail Carns: #1 3H 4H is a close second.
#2 a club.  The only way this contract can be made is if I get trump endplayed so I lead my shortest suit, clubs

Richard Katz: #1 - 3H. Show 10 or 11 points and 4 hearts. Not enough to force to game. This bid is invitational.
#2 I lead the 10S. The two no trump bidder should not have 4 spades and the one heart bidder is unlikely to have 4 spades. It rates to be through strength and a safe lead.  I have enough trump control that is a shift is indicated I will have more than enough time to make the shift.

Stanley Ruskin: #1 – double with the intention of q bidding later.
#2 – 10 S. Assuming the diamond ace is good for them, I need 4 heart tricks. There is no 4 card trump ending that will keep me from getting 3 of the tricks assuming declarer Paid one round of hearts, finding the 5 – 0 split, before stripping the hand

Bruce Keidan: #1: 1NT. What's the problem?
#2. Diamond 7. Might possibly help. Unlikely to hurt.

Judy Haffner: #1 I bid two clubs and if my partner bids two diamonds, I bid two hearts. If partner bids two hearts, I bid three hearts.
#2 Lead: QC What else is there to lead?

Florine Walters: #1 3 Hearts. No trump could be correct, but am not going to second guess what my partner could or could not have.
#2—Spade 10 --at the moment nothing else seems logical.

Richard Finberg: #1 3H, invitational.  2S could be bid on these values, but is a trap - as it takes up much room and it will be unclear whether to bid 4H over 3H response.  
#2.  S10.  Partner is broke, but could have SQ over dummy's possible J.  D and H leads are risky, and unlikely to gain.  S10 may also encourage declarer to play H to K, avoiding H endplays and giving time to develop Spade trick.

PJ Prabu: #1 2H.  With a balanced hand, only 4Hs and no intermediates in the suit, 2H is enough.
#2 CQ.  Besides being a safe lead, it also has the best chance to help me reduce my trump length to avoid being end played in H.

Bill Holt: #1 I am going to bid 2H.  A tad of an underbid but the 1S bid takes away my obligation to bid ... this should show some values and a reason to bid.
#2 I am going to get out with the S 10.  Partner is going to have trouble staying awake on this hand but it's the lead most likely to promote a trick in his hand and the least likely to cost one from mine.

Auxiliary Experts:
Marvin Rulin: #1 3H  Double is out because it would be responsive saying to partner choose between hearts and diamonds, lack of diamond stopper precludes NT.  with 11 pts and a 4 card major bid it.  3 hearts.
#2  10S your partner has nothing. the only chance for a trick outside of the trump suit is the king of diamonds. don't give it up on the opening lead. I would lead the 10 spades



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