January 2009


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By Arlene Port


You are South Ė IMPís, N/S Vul

Your hand is: 

S          8 6 3
H         K 7 2
D         K Q J
C         Q 9 7 5

The bidding is:

NorthEast SouthWest

What do you bid? 

Jim Bachelder:  In some partnerships, 2NT is a 3 card limit raise. If that's our agreement, that's what I bid. Otherwise, 3H (limit raise), with only 3 card support, is probably the "least lie.Ē

Ernie Retetagos: Double.  Seems clearcut.  If partner bids at the 3 level, I will bid 3 spades. This shows invitational values with mild spade support. Forcing a third hand opener to the 3 level shows a good hand.  My partners would open 1 spade with 4 good spades and a side card. I will pass a 2 spade rebid from partner.  Even with only 4 spades, partner would rebid 2 spades to deny a full opener.

Bruce Keidan: 3H I must be missing something. i don't like my hand much (it may get better, if west, who is known to be broke, supports hearts enthusiastically), but what is there to consider except for 3H?

PJ Prabhu: 3H.  Don't like the S spots or the flat distribution.  But vulnerable at IMPs, I don't want to suppress the limit raise, especially as a passed hand.

Mary Paulone Carns: Double.  Planning to bid 3S if partner bids 3 of a minor.  This shows a 3-card limit raise.  A close second choice is 2NT which shows almost an opener and a heart stopper.  I would lean toward this choice if I had a second heart honor (even the 10), especially if my partnership style is to open 4-card majors in 3rd seat.

Steve Nolan: 3H. I'll pass partner's 3S, 3NT or 4S, and bid 4S after 4C or 4D.  On a bad day, 3S will go down, but otherwise I think we'll get to the right spot.  The alternatives are worse.  Partner will not place me with 11 points if I pass; we might even miss a game that way.  2S and 3S distort my shape and don't tell partner what's needed to bid further.  My hearts aren't good enough for 2NT.  Double doesnít accurately tell partner my points or my distribution.  It might get us to the right spot if West passes, but if West raises hearts North's next bid will be a guess based on false clues from me.  

Asim Ulke: I double. The hand is not good enough for a Q-bid, Spades are bad and my holdings in the other suits are soft. Double gives me lot of options over partners rebid. Over 3C or 3D I bid 3S. Over 2NT I bid 3NT. Over 2S I bid 3S etc.

Gail Carns: 2NT anything could be right

Richard Katz: 2 Spades.  I donít like my hand enough to bid 2NT and I donít want to get too high. 2NT is a little bit too rich. I also donít know if itís too much for a third hand opener. 2 spades gives partner a little leeway.  If heís two suited, he will bid again`

Stanley Ruskin:  3S This is difficult. Partner has opened in 3rd seat so he could have a sub minimum, minimum or solid opening bid and we donít really have a mechanism to find out. I think that I would bid 3 Spades which has to be seen as a strong limit raise and let partner choose to bid game or pass. Since we are vulnerable, I think partner will bid game with any reasonable hand.  We may be missing a makeable 3NT is partner has something like QX of hearts or even the A.

Herb Sachs 2NT If I made this bid with my regular partners, it would be a good hand with a 3-card spade raise and a heart stopper. Playing with anyone else, I would make the same bid even though the meaning would change. If that case, it would not promise a 3 card raise.

Bill Holt: 3H.  I hate the 3334 shape but it's 8 losers and we're vulnerable at IMPS - so I am going to make a limit raise call.  K of H seems to be in the right place.

Trudy Cohn: 3H I will bid 3 hearts showing spade support and at least a limit raise. It's not a perfect bid but it at least is descriptive. If partner has a bad third seat opener, we could be too high but I couldn't use Drury so I am stuck. 2NT would also be reasonable but I don't want to deny the spade fit.

Auxiliary Experts:
Marvin Rulin: 2S,  partner is in 3rd seat and may be light because he has spades.  although we have 11 pts our hand is weaker than that. our distribution is bad and we have no aces. i would not want my partner to get too exuberant.

Internet Post Results:

#1 Bid




Philip Alder3HEddie Kantar2S
Grant Baze3HRalph KatzD
Steve Beatty3HSami KehelaD
David Berkowitz3HEric Kokish2S
Henry BetheDDavid Liss2S
Bart Bramley2SMarshall Miles2S
Ira ChorushDArthur Robinson2S
Larry Cohen3HMichael RosenbergD
Mark CohenDAl RothD
Billy EisenbergDJeff Rubens2S
Bjorn FalleniusDIra Rubin2S
Brian Glubek2SMike Shuman2S
Jimm Hall3HJoey Silver2S
Fred Hamilton2SPaul SolowayD
Jim Hawkins3HJohn SwansonD
Carl Hudecek3HRobert WolffD
 Kit WoolseyD


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