July 2009


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By Arlene Port


You are South Matchpoints, N-S Vulnerable

Your hand is: 

S  -    A K J 9 5
H  -    J 7 5 2
D  -    8
C  -    K J 6

The bidding is:


* Pre-emptive

What do you bid? 

Bruce Keidan 4S. A "serious" slam try, since it is above the level of game, If partner bids 5D next, I'll bid 6C. I'm interested in a grand if partner is.

Ernie Retetagos.  4 Diamonds, cheapest cue bid.  In the worst scenario, partner will bid slam missing Q 4th of trumps. Any time partner has a 6th heart or the Q, slam should be lay down.   

Stanley Ruskin: 4S. Absent any special understandings, you bid what you have. Your partner has made a cue bid so that is what you will do. He can bid 4NT over 4S which isn't any kind of Blackwood but is asking you to bid something more - another cue bid - 5C etc. You could have anything from a Grand Slam or a small slamor maybe only 5H. With partner cue bidding 4C, it is hard to imagine a handthat won't have an excellent play for at least 6 H.

P.J. Prabhu: 4D. I would normally have the DA for this bid. But I do have the second round control with 4 trumps. Despite having only 13 points, I like my hand very much, which explains the encouraging 4D, rather than the alternative of 4H. If pard has Qx, AKQxx, xxx, Axx, we're cold for 6H; a 4D bid has a much greater chance of getting us there whereas a 4H bid will end the auction.

Mary Carns: 4NT RKCB.  There's no obvious way to cooperate in a slam-exploring auction without getting higher than 4H, so I bid blackwood, assuming I play Key Card.  I have both the spade control and a singleton diamond, and can't show them both with any other single call.  This hand is a perfect example of the utility of Kickback (in which 4S would be keycard for hearts). 
Playing Kickback, the unfortunate holding of 2 keycards + HQ won't get me past 5H.

Florine Walters: 4NT: This should be easy, especially if we are playing some kind of key card Blackwood. Not only can I find out how many aces partner has but also the quality of their trump holding. All that being said, I still  bid 4 NT. Partner should have extra and I have second round diamond control.

Richard Finberg : 4NT, RKCB for hearts.  Alternative is 4D, but I will not pass 4H in any event.

Bill Holt: 4S. I have a really nice minimum for the auction so far cant Q-bid 4d but with a 4th Heart, good Spades and club fit I think Im too good to bid 4H. 4c made my hand better so Ill press.

Gail Carns: 4D (MY HOW HE DOES BLAB ON AND ON - Webmaster)

Herb Sachs: 5C We are committed to slam on this hand and I believe that 5 C puts me in the best position for the next bid.. If partner bids 5H, hes worried about diamonds. Other possible bids on this hand are 4S, blackwood. All are reasonable.

Asim Ulke 4D and pass 4H bid by partner. I have bad trumps and can not take the bid to 5 level. On the other hand I have a good enough hand to encourage partner to bid on if he has good trumps.

Jim Bachelder 4D, I bid controls below game. "Oh, one other thing" as Columbo would say. This is not the auction I would have conducted. Assuming I'm playing 2/1 Game Force, I would have bid 4D at my second turn.

Richard Katz: 4 diamonds

Steve Nolan: 4S.  Partner is in command.  He/she has shown a control and wants to know where mine are. 



Internet Post Results:





National Experts:

Alan Bell5CJohn Lowenthal5C
David Berah4HJ. Merrill6H
Ambrose Casner4HMarshall Miles4D
Jack Ehrlenbach5CDon Oakie4H
Harry Fishbein4HArthur Robinson4NT
Lt. Col. Robert Friend5CAl Roth4D
Sam Frye Jr.4SIra Rubin4D
Dorothy Haden4DTom & Carol Sanders4NT
Lee Hazen4HMichael Shuman5C
Carl Hudecek4SStanley Slater5C
Eddie Kantar4DArthur Turcott5C
Sam Katz5CRichard Walsh4S
Sami Kehela4DLarry Weiss4S
Theodore Lightner4DRobert Wolff4D



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