The 23rd Annual PBA

Thursday October 12, 2023
Game Time 7:00
Lasagna and Salad @ 6:15 PM
We need you Pro's to OPT-In!!!
Available Pro List Below

Glenshaw Valley Presbyterian Church

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Extra Finger Foods, Appetizers, & Desserts will be appreciated!  It's for Charity!
Hosted by
Kathryn Rector and Patty Wynn
Please Coordinate sides with
Patty @  (412) 874-4657


Proceeds Benefit Kids Meal Network
a non-profit helping young people cope with
 Summers without their school support system
Pick a Pro: $35 Donation (Paid by the AM)
Or, play with whomever you wish: $35 Donation /pair*
Additional Cash Donations Welcomed & Encouraged!
Call Kathryn Rector @ (412) 889-4720  to get hooked up!
Or email:
Players in RED are Available. 
Players in BLUE are Taken.
Status Player
Available Marilyn Burke
Available Gail Carns
Taken Lynne Colker
Taken Richard Katz
Available Arlene Port
Taken Fred Schenker
Available Bharat Shah
Taken Patricia Anders
Taken Jan Assini
Taken Ken Bergman
Taken Carol Bolen
Taken Paul Caplan
Taken Alan Colker 
Taken Mary Lou Flach
Taken Robert Flynn
Taken Ronald Franck
Taken Anne Marie Gordon
Taken Philip Goulding
Taken Jim Gump
Taken Lorraine Hanna
Taken William Holt
Taken Dustin Hoover
Taken Patricia Katz
Taken Alan Leaver
Taken Darlene Mannheimer
Taken Bud McElhaney
Taken Ernie Retetagos
Taken Marcella Retetagos
Taken William Seran
Taken Judi Sonon
Taken June Threlkeld
Taken Don Turacy
Taken Robert Zimmermann